Your appearance surely doesn’t tell the whole story about you and the real values lie deep within you, but the truth is that it influences your self – confidence and first impression to people around you and these two influence many aspects of your life. Too many people are bothered by their look and wish to adjust it in some way. Instead of struggling with your issues, insecurities and compensation mechanisms, let us help you create the appearance you’d like to have. Our team of experts and plastic surgeons will restore your freshness, enhance the beauty of your face and adjust all the flaws you’d like to get corrected. We do things like liposuction and lip fillers.

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What People are Saying about our Lip Fillers


 Once I reached my 30s and a solid salary, I signed into this clinic and let these marvelous surgeons solve my problem. I’ve passed full preparation, rhinoplasty, and recovery with none complications. I am fully satisfied with the treatment and the result as well.


Though people usually associate breast implants with someone’s desire to enlarge breasts, I had my implants inserted after one of my breasts was surgically removed due to breast cancer. Once I won the fight with cancer, I decided to invest into regenerative and corrective surgery. The team of surgeons in this clinic provided impressive and healthy new appearance to me, and I am truly grateful.


Once I made the decision, the great team of plastic surgeons in this clinic took the problem over, placed high-quality breast implants, and my décolletage looks much attractive now. These guys have my greatest compliments and references.


I was patient at this great clinic twice so far. Several years ago, I decided to undergo liposuction since none of my diets or exhausting training weren’t showing results. After that, they provided me face-lifting, and both interventions included high-quality post-surgery aftercare, kind stuff and working with a team of top surgeons.

Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery: similar, but fundamentally different

When talking about plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, most people think of various aesthetic modifications and adjustments of various body parts. Enhanced by popular culture and trends, too many people see this surgery field only as the method to provide attractive celebrity looks. However, this is far away from being true and encapsulating the whole picture.

To put it simply, the major difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery is that plastic surgery is essential surgery and the mere necessity for patients undergoing it, while cosmetic surgery is an optional choice. Plastic surgery solves serious health issues by restoring damaged skin and tissues. Whether the tissues were damaged in some accident or it’s a congenital anomaly, plastic surgery tries to restore the body’s integrity. The aesthetical aspect is considered, but it is not the primary consideration.

We are working together with the best cosmetic surgeons. And we can proudly tell that we are partnering with SKIN CLUB for Lip Fillers in Melbourne. They have a lot of experience in this field and are known for their lip injections.  


Three most popular cosmetic surgery procedures we provide


Rhinoplasty and Nose reshaping

Two major groups of patients turn to our clinic looking for a nose job. The first ones are bothered by the shape of their nose and the appearance of their face consequentially. These patients undergo the nose reshaping procedure and wake up with the new model of the nose more adjusted to the features of the face. The second group of patients requires modification of internal structures inside nose cavity to get rid of various breathing problems caused by deviation of nose structures.

Breast augmentation and breast implants

Various surgical interventions referring breasts are probably the most popular procedure in plastic and cosmetic surgery worldwide. Women look for enlargement of their breasts, increasing firmness, lifting or fixing asymmetry of the breasts, and our surgeons provide all of these procedures. After applying general anesthetic or sedation, the team of surgeons will usually insert various breast implants behind the breast tissue and correct surgically all other flaws as determined. The procedure takes few hours, and all the ladies walk out of our clinic proud and self-confident.


Laser liposuction

Liposuction includes various techniques of fat vacuuming out of the body, specifically out of some areas, such as hips, belly, gluteal region, and others. Patients usually undergo liposuction in an attempt to achieve slimmer figure and increase tonus of some areas, as well as to reshape the contours of their body. However, there are some illnesses causing fat to accumulate in very specific areas that bring some of our patients into our operating room.


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