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People have their ideas about ideal beauty and the image of their appearance they’d love to achieve, but too many of them are naturally away from that image. Too many of them, also, struggle with various issues caused by their looks. It is where modern plastic and cosmetic surgery tend to intervene and offer permanent solutions. However, since investing into plastic and cosmetic surgery requires a significant amount of money, and it results in pretty much permanent changes, you should choose reliable and high-quality cosmetic surgeon and clinic to ensure your health, safety, and final satisfaction.

Our clinic is leading Australian medical center for plastic, cosmetic and regenerative surgery with the long and rich history behind us, impressive experience, the latest equipment and thousands of satisfied patients. Our highly educated, experienced, professional and dedicated specialists provide a wide range of services, including breast augmentation and lifting, face-lifting, liposuction, eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty and much more. We have licensed stuff in two clinics, in Sydney and Melbourne, with full equipment and scale of services available at both clinics.

All of our specialists are in the process of constant improving their knowledge and skills, applying modern techniques and approaches and expanding the scope of our services and capacity. However, we approach all our patients as to the complete personalities, not only to their cosmetic issues. Our staff provides full pre-operative and post-operative health care, as well as psychological treatment, making sure all our patients realize the possibilities and risks of the procedures, have realistic expectations and walk out satisfied with the final look of their face or body. Either way, safety, good health, wellness and high-quality results with comfort treatment and affordable prices are the major aim we strive to provide to all of our clients.

Mary A. Dutra
757 Swanston St
Parkville VIC 3052